Fortune Health Honey Lozenges (Lime Flavor)

88% Pure Canadian Honey, no added sugar/ artificial flavoring/coloring

  • Made in Canada; Produced by cGMP facotry recognised by the Canadian Health Department & Recommended by Canadian Pharmacists
  • Developed proprietary patented platform technologies that retain all the benefits of honey
  • Added with Vitamin C & Zinc, helps to strengthen immunity


10 Lozenges

Strengthen Immunity & soothes throat

For 6 years or above, take 1 lozenges each time. Take more lozenges when necessary, but do not take more than 12 lozenges per day. Not suitable for children below 6 years. 

88% Pure Canadian Honey, Vitamin C, Echinacea & Zinc

    Store in a dry place; Contains Candaian; Made from Canadian high-purity honey, the lozenges may become sticky under high temperature. The color will varies in different batches of natural honey, but the product quality will not be affected.

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