Fortune Pharmacal Lai Yung Kwoon Charity Fund
Mr. Lai Yung Kwoon, the founder of Fortune Pharmacal, hopes to instil the company motto of "always going one step further" throughout the many corners of society. He encourages everyone to prioritize self-wellness and care for the physical and mental health of those around them, and live a life of good fortune together. Therefore, Mr. Lai established the "Fortune Pharmacal Lai Yung Kwoon Charity Fund " and devotes a portion of the income from Fortune Pharmacal to the foundation for charitable purposes every year in hopes of spreading good fortune to people in society from all walks of life.
Hong Kong
"A Step Further to Achieve Higher: Mobile Schooling" Project
Sponsored since 2011, professional tutors train university student volunteers as mentors to guide economically-disadvantaged high school students in their studies. Students are encouraged to step out of the classroom to explore the unique outdoors of Hong Kong, learn together, and share experiences. By assisting student volunteers to help others and disadvantaged groups to help themselves, everyone exhibits the "Lion Rock Spirit" and learns to pursue their dreams, and find their good fortune.
"CSR Volunteer Group"
Established in 2016, the group has planned funding projects in various areas and established a systematic approach to expanding fundraising efforts to broaden its reach of benefits. We encourage employees to participate in volunteer activities to provide care and guidance for the elderly living alone and in care homes. We also assist ethnic minority students, people with intellectual disabilities, and disadvantaged groups. We embrace all groups in need of assistance and invite them to join the warmth and let good fortune spread throughout the community.
The Chinese University of Hong Kong School of Pharmacy Scholarship Scheme
Since 2009, scholarships have been awarded every year to two full-time students of the School of Pharmacy at the Chinese University of Hong Kong who have demonstrated excellent academic performance and successfully passed an interview stage. We provide encouragement and support for students in their journey towards becoming outstanding pharmacists.
Mainland China
Professional Support to Teaching and Research Personnel in Mainland China
Fortune Pharmacal collaborates with mainland institutions to organize research and training courses, assisting in the training of teachers and research talents across various provinces and cities in the country:
Training Workshops for Backbone Teachers of Rural Schools in Tonghua City, Jilin Province
Summer Seminar on Educational Administration and Policy Research for Young Teachers at Xi’an Jiaotong University
Training Course for Rural Teachers and Researcher Personnel in Northern Jiangsu
East China Normal University Education Development Fund, East China Normal University, Primary School Rural Teaching and Research Personnel Language Training Course
"Fortune Talents" Program
In 2016 and 2017, through the Faculty of Education of Beijing Normal University, this program subsidized the daily living expenses of middle school graduates from The First Middle School of Huize County, Yunnan Province, who demonstrated excellent academic performance but encountered financial hardships after entering college. They were provided with regular support and a stable living allowance.
Flexible Manufacturing Alleviates Pressures from the Pandemic
Fortune Pharmacal ranks the health of Hong Kong people as its top priority. During the fifth wave of the pandemic (from January to April 2022), the global supply chain encountered delays which created a shortage of paracetamol medication. Since Fortune Pharmacal uses Hong Kong as its manufacturing base, we were able to make immediate and flexible adjustments amid the increased demand. We implemented overtime production technique and manufactured more than 60 million paracetamol-containing medicines during the fifth wave. The significant contribution in supply provided much help to the people of Hong Kong and eased the pressures on its medical system.
Giving Medicine and Warmth to Soothe People's Hearts
During the pandemic, Fortune Pharmacal distributed Coltalin for colds, flu and allergy, Fortolin (containing paracetamol) for pain and fever, and other medicines to 26 social welfare organizations. Recipients included The Community Chest, Food Angel, Oxfam, The Federation of Hong Kong Industries¹, and The Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions. We not only provided appropriate physical relief to people in need, but also brought them spiritual comfort.
1. As of February 28, 2023, through 26 social welfare organizations, we have distributed Coltalin, Fortolin and other medicines to people in need.

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